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Posted by curiositybox su 31 gennaio 2008

the end of Greenhouse effect ?





The blame is upon the water steam produced by combustion of petrol fumes and its derivates. According to the most important scientific conventions about climate the accuse is upon CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other gases, but no one is actually taking any attention to the water vaporization at high temperature produced by cars, truckes, boilers, aereoplanes, etc. The water let in the atmosphere with any combusion produces a heavy lack of balance on planetary scale, modifying in this way the atmospheric circulation of the entire planet and making modifications on climate bands upon the Earth. To similar conclusion got 25 years ago the engineers that have studied the space flights: it is reported also in the documents published by NASA in occasion of the mission of Apollo XI, on July 1969. At that time general director of NASA prof. J.Fletcher speaking about the space combustible of the future ( H2 Hydrogen) he wrote: ” ..the enviromental problem is reduced to the minimum, due that the most important by-product of hydrogen is water. I think that too much water in the atmosphere could have some kind of effect upon our enviroment “.

Scientists that are studying the climate, agree that the climatic oddities that we are experiencing are due to the presence of the water steam, which absorbs solar energy in a higher way than the carbon dioxide or of any other gas employed, but they do not agree that the water steam spreaded by cars, industries, forests fires, volcanic emissions could cause a lack of balance of the general atmospheric circulation bringing reactions for example on the famous ocean current “El Nino”, generating climate modifications on large scale.

On the other side there have ever been climatic modifications upon our planet : the last ones were registered in occasion of great volcanic eruptions such as Tambora and Krakatoa (two volcans located in Indonesia); the first one occurred on 1815 the second one on 1883. Years after the eruptions were particularly cold expecially in Europe and in the States and described as “the years without summer”. The cause was imputed to the diffusion of volcanic powders (cinders) in the high atmosphere (at 70-80 km height), that have restrained the solar energy, comparable to the effect of a large umbrella opened upon our planet. Regarding volcans, even if the thesis before mentioned about the action of the powder is accepted, no one has up today put forward that the powder had been brought so height just from the strong up-corrent generated by water steam (over 700 Celsius degrees !) put into circulations during eruptions considering that the steam weight is 3/5 of the dry air and also at low temperature it can drag small sand grains: in addition any volcanic eruption has a content of water steam that can be the 95% compared to the total mass of the fumes erupted. Even during the dinosaurs age the Earth was luxuriantly covered by tropical forests and many active volcans. Volcans have been the cause to put in the atmosphere large quantities of water steam overheated, such steam had favoured the ascent and the dispersion of the volcanic powders all upon the transparency of the air, and have also modified the quantity of solar energy that was originally spreaded upon the terrestrial ground, producing those changes to the climate that have brought to the dinosaurs extinction – the news is that nowdays, in addition to the natural action carried out by volcans, there is the one performed by “artificial volcans” made up of industrial smoke-stackers, exahaust-pipes, as well as the forest fires effects (often of no natural origin). Anytime there is a combustion (either of petrol, gas-oil, methane, wood, etc.) that has as component hydrogen – it is produced water steam overheated (over to 100 Celsius degrees and therefore invisible) priming phenomenon type “small volcans”. The smoke of each combustion is composed for the 30-45% of water steam: 1 kilo of petrol gas, when it is burned, gives 1,4 kilo of water, the same quantity is obtained burning gas oil or oil combustible, while burning 1 kilo of methane the quantity of water is 2,2 kilos. To have a concrete reference, a medium-powered car speeded at 55 miles /hour spreads into the air 8 kilos about of water steam (over 200 Celsius degrees); a large industrial boiler spreads 1000 kilos of steam (at 250-300 Celsius degree) in one hour work, while an aereoplane of the Jumbo 747 type spreads about 15.000 kilos of water per hour (at 600 Celsius degrees); ending, a small thermoelectrical plant fedeed with oil or methane at 500 Mega Watt/ per hour spreads into the atmosphere about 140.000 kilos of water per hour: Considering that in one day this plant can fill of water a swimming-pool 100 meters lenght, 10 meters large and 3.3 meters depth for a total of 3.300 cubic meters of water. This water is invisible because its temperature is over 100 Celsius degrees: it is a like big river streaming upon our heads in our towns. This river plus all the others form a big polluted ocean of water steam, that is the major cause of climate modifications on the Earth.


fonte   Curiositybox (copyright 2008) 





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